The female Pitbulls of Hurricane Kennels are our foundation as they are responsible for producing beautiful show and pet quality blue Pitbulls with outstanding temperaments. Our female Pitbulls are carefully selected and must have correct structure, movement, and attitude in order to be approved for our extensive breeding program. All Hurricane Kennels’ female Pitbulls are instinctually dedicated mothers that consistently out produce themselves with every litter. Hurricane Kennels’ females are health screened prior to breeding to ensure the safety of our blue Pitbulls as well as our future Pitbull puppies. We only breed our females blue Pitbulls to approved studs to ensure the quality of future generations of Hurricane Kennel Pitbulls. Temperament is extremely important to us when breeding blue pit bull puppies, and all of our female Pitbulls not only supersede most American Pitbull Terriers’ temperaments but also most other breeds as well.


Pedigree: Mr. Miagi X Daxlines Lulu (GRCH Dax Daughter)

DOB: 8/11

Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 13"


ITSY MIAGI is one of the baddest pocket females you will ever see. She's a daughter of the hottest dog in the game, Mr. Miagi bred to one of Grand Champion Dax's best daughters Daxlines Lulu. She is also a littermate to upcoming star Daxlines Primo!  She is a combination of the absolute best blood in the world and we would like to thank Ed Shepard for producing such a great dog and giving us the opportunity to own a part of a breeding that is setting the bar for the future of the American Bully world. ITSY MIAGI was bred to LIL RAMBO in a true foundation breeding thats sure to prduce the next generation of hitters...She is our foundation Bitch and as such no puppies off her will be sold on her first few breedings...For all those inquiring about using her as a stud, I have her cousin PYRO open to select females and he carries the same head structure as ITSY but with more substance and a beautiful Reddish/Chocolate color...check out the males page or call (504) 621-1455 for more info!! 


Pedigree: GrCh Dax x Gottylines Paris (Romeo Daughter)

DOB: 5/10

Weight: 65 lbs

Height: 15.5"


Daxlines Ray Ray is the newest addition to Hurricane Bullies direct from Ed Shepards yard to ours! This inbred Romeo, Dax Daughter is one female that truely has the body of a male...a true SHEMALE!!!  Her littermate brother Stacks carries the same traits and has one of the best bodies in the game. Ray Ray is a proven producer as Ed himself bred her to Dax twice...we on the other hand have taken her to Mr. Miagi in an attempt to recreate Itsy Miagi and Daxlines Primos litter witht he same outcross combination of blood. That litter gave us our future stars HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI and this time she was bred to Daxlines PRIMO in a very tight linebreeding that is garunteed to produce foundation quality puppies...truly a breeding that could have very well been done on Eds yard had he kept her!! Puppies will be 3x Romeo, 2x Dax, Miagi...call (504) 621-1455 for availablility!!


Pedigree: CH Playboy x Chyna (CH Playboys mom, RE Apollo daughter)

DOB: 8/10

Weight: 60 lbs

Height: 15"


Mona is the baddest Razors Edge bitch Ive ever seen and will play a key role in our program to keep our dogs correct while at the same time keeping them very short and thick. Her temperment and movement is second to none all while sporting one of the bulliest bodies you could ask from a bitch as well as an insane headpeice...Mona stacks up well against any male!! Her head shape is very similar to my Miagi daughter ITSYs but with none of the same blood...thats why we have chosen none other than Mr. Miagi as her Stud and cant wait to see what those two beasts will produce together!!! 


Pedigree: GrCh Dax X Fetti (Kurupt Daughter)

DOB: 10/11

Weight: 65 lbs

Height: 15"

Karma is a direct GrCh Dax daughter with a beautiful headpiece, wide chest and a tight ripped body. Karmas father is GrCh Dax bred to a Kurupt daughter. She has already proven herself a great producer with our Dax son GRIM and now she will be going to the man himself DAX!!! Karma is a tri gene carrier and produces blue tri's and trindles evrey time we breed her...2X Dax pups available off GRIM X KARMA now...check the puppy page or call (504) 621-1455 for availabilty!!


Pedigree: UKC "PR" Mikelands, Gottiline

DOB: 6/10

Weight: 85 lbs

Height: 16"


Missy is a true She Male!!! She is a 100% Mikelands American Bully with a bodybuilder's structure and drive to match. Her Sire is Mikelands Hercules and she is Grandfathered by Mikelands Bubba. The majority of people who lay eyes on her for the first time are under the impression that she is a...HE! We have one really bully female available from her litter with ABKC CHAMPION Mikelands Rudy.